Album coverI.C.H - You Won't Like It, FUCKCOLDPLAYCD001(2008)

  1. 01. The Cunts
  2. 02. Smells Like Community Spirit
  3. 03. Big Yellow Taxi (Not that one!)
  4. 04. Short Tune
  5. 05. Girl in the Dole Office
  6. 06. Oi Tune
  7. 07. My First Political Song (Early Learning Centre Style)
  8. 08. Oh God You’re all so Ugly
  9. 09. Not Indestructable
  10. 10. Another Song About Eating Shit and Enjoying it
  11. 11. The Corporation
  12. 12. Oooh Gorgeous
  13. 13. Look Ma’ I got my Shitkickers on
  14. 14. Punch the Taxman
  15. 15. Time Time Time
  16. 16. I Won’t Pay

You Won’t Like It - Reviewed

Sunday, September 28, 2008
I.C.H. - You Won't Like It - REVIEWED!

"Anyone who's read my blogs or anything over the years will probably know that I'm a big ICH fan and have been mates with Ed for a fair while too. To do a fair review I'm going to try and treat it as if I'd never met him, or better still, like he's a total cunt. Easy done. Still, the long-awaited album is frankly fucking blistering.boxes

Opening with The Cunts and the anthemic Smells Like Community Spirit, You Won't Like It carries us through a variety of styles and sounds all equally hard and equally satisfying. Political without being preachy, fun without being silly and offensive in all the fine ways and none of the ignorant ones, a lyrically great album that reminds me a lot of TV Smith or Crass, but with the wry wit of a band not taking themselves too seriously.

From the personal (Oi Tune, Time Time Time) to the political (My First Political Song, Big Yellow Taxi) and the downright fun (Oooh Goergeous, Punch The Taxman) You Won't Like It offers something for every mood and listener, so avoids the pitfall of being a one trick pony with ease and grace. The choice of sample (The Network, "I'm mad as hell...") fits the album's mood and specifically I Won't Pay perfectly, and justifiably asks the question – Why aren't we all much more angry than we are? As a final track it makes sure we put the album down with a bitter taste in our mouths. This isn't wordless rage though, it's furiously eloquent, which makes it a lot more dangerous.

I do love sloppy-style punk production, but at the same time I get a bit frustrated with the tinny sound you get on old punk 7s. In my ideal world, we'd capture the raw-as-fuck old school sound but keep the newer better sounding clunky bass-end. You Won't Like It has that exact mix of raw and clunky but professional production throughout the album. It also doesn't fall into the trap of being a mere collection of tracks, it flows very nicely in the way a classic album should.

I think this album can go exactly as far as the boys want it to. It's would happily sit in place alongside any major label punk effort of recent years, it's witty and hardworking, it's very emotive too.

Suffice to say, you won't like it...you'll probably fucking love it.

Alex (Mulluk) Paige."

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5 track demo coverI.C.H 5 Track Demo (2002)

Produced by Joe Murphy

  • 01 - Evaporate
  • 02 - Brick In The Forehead
  • 03 - Oi Tune
  • 04 - Girl In The Dole Office
  • 05 - Smells Like Community Spirit

This is now out of print but can be downloaded here. Or if you ask nicely here, Ed might send you a copy.



4 track demo coverI.C.H 4 Track Demo (2005)

Produced by Rob

  • 01 - Time Time Time
  • 02 - Not Indestructable
  • 03 - Big Yellow Taxi (Not That One)
  • 04 - The Corporation

This is now out of print but can be downloaded here. Or if you ask nicely here, Ed might send you a copy.