ed ache logoEd Ache (That's me!) is the singer songwriter for East Anglia based punk band I.C.H. I played my first solo show when the band had to pull out of a Last Gang in Town birthday gig supporting Neck. I used a twelve pound purple ukulele that was tuned wrong,  and a guitar with no tuning peg for the A string. It seemed to go down fairly well. Since then I've Improved the kit I'm using a bit, and learned to tune a uke (Thanks to Itch). Bands I have played on bills with include but are not limited to:-

Neck, Johnny One Lung, Jim Sorrow, Barbar Luck, T.V.Smith, Jay Terrestrial, Inner Terrestrials, Moral Dilemma, Mickie Stabbs, Rebelation, Eastfeild, Citizen Fish, Los Salvadores, Intro5pect, Jakal, Claypigeon, Zeeb?, The New Town Kings,  Snitcho and the Dinosaurs, The Tagnuts and the Dead Batteries.ed

There we go. That's the boring bit out of the way.
On this page you will be able to find some pictures of my face, and a whole load of streamable songs. There are a few acoustic I.C.H tunes, Some stuff that hasn't yet made it into the I.C.H set and some stuff which may never see the light of day again. For now that's it. If we can think of any other interesting stuff to put up we will. If you have photos or video footage of either me or the band please send them to me and I will do my best to display it all here. Enjoy. Many thanks. Ed.


ed 3Here are some demos that were left in cupboards for years covered in hairy fluff, we've pulled em' down and dusted them up for your listing delectation.

Most (If not all) of the tracks were recorded, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Rob Band. All the tracks were written and arranged by me. Most of the instruments (Guitar, uke, and voice) are played by me, but if you listen carefully Rob's dulcet tones can be heard on 'No Prospects' among other tracks, and John Maynard plays guitar in All I ask of you...

You can use Quicktime for streaming if you so wish.


If you just want to download directly to your computer do this:

Right Click song title Then: Save Target As... - whatever song.MP3

If your using a Mac with a one button mouse hold down Ctrl and click on the song you want, then: Save Link As... - whatever song.MP3

Alternatively click on the link then: File>Save Page As... - whatever song.MP3

Ed Ache Presents... The Vogon Poetry Sessions

Various assorted stuff.ed 2

Produced by Bob Band


ed with guitared singing

ed11ed bleh