Hey all you punks out there!

band photoAlright! Here it is - The OFFICIAL web presence (MySpace aside), of the one the only I.C.H. Colchester's premier Punk Rock band. If you found your way here across the internet you may have heard of them, heard their music or even seen them thrashing about like maniacs on stage. Of course you might have landed yourself here by some mysterious fluke only to be wondering what happened to the site selling custom Tea Cosies. The miscreants and malcontents that constitute I.C.H are an unsightly bunch: Little Lew Dread (Drums) (replacing Little Jimmy Dread), Roberto Bertorales (Guitar, Vocals), Tommy Ache (Bass, Vocals) and Ed Ache (Vocals, Guitars). They like making a lot of noise and they also enjoy swearing a great deal. Their sound is explosive. The catchy punk riffs and massive drums get you jumping up and down like a loon, whereas as the lyrics engage you with their earnestness. Sometimes the topics are light-hearted, sometimes serious; however - one thing is for sure - they are always as offensive as they can be. Anyhow; whether you are a die-hard fan or just got lost on the Interweb, I hope you stick around and check out the site for a bit, maybe come back once you’ve ordered that Tea Cosy!

Dougal (I.C.H designer In-Cheif)

You can buy the album via paypal using this handy pop up!

I’ll leave you with an excerpt of the press release for the critically acclaimed album – ‘You Won’t Like It’. (If you haven’t got a copy yet, don’t miss out on a punk classic!)

“In your sweaty little palms you hold a copy of the first I.C.H album 'You won't like it!'
Please give it a listen, we've put a lot of effort into it. It was recorded nigh on three years ago now, in a barn in the middle of nowhere. It has been entirely recorded and financed by ourselves.
We are a four piece punk band from in and around Colchester. We recorded our first demo in 2002, so we've been around a while, but after recording the album the drummer buggered off to Australia, so we spent around a year completely inactive. Well... Not completely inactive, Rob and Tom have been playing in a Ska band (you may have heard of them?) The New Town Kings (I thought so!) and Ed has been doing the odd Acoustic punk solo set to keep his hand in. Drummer replaced we are now up and gigging again and after the long wait the record has finally been finished.

Here are some things other people have said about us

ICH are arguably the finest punk band to come out of East Anglia. Their influences are too numerous to mention (but Crass and Rancid are definitely in there) and mere words can't describe their live performances. ICH have been known to blow ageing punk bands off the stage and even incited stage diving at their unplugged gigs. At Strawberry fair 2007 they even made hippies look happy! With sharply observed lyrics and a barrage of guitars ICH's punk anthems will have you punching the air and shouting along 'til the cider runs out.

Only one of ICH has a sensible haircut, but they're all the more punk because the don't look like they're going to a fancy dress party dressed as punks!!”.