You can use Quicktime for streaming if you so wish.


If you want to just download directly to your computer do this:

Right Click song title then: Save Target As... - whatever song.MP3

If your using a Mac with a one button mouse hold down Ctrl and click on the song you want, then: Save Link As... - whatever song.MP3

Alternatively click on the link then: File>Save Page As... - whatever song.MP3

Here are the original Demos from I.C.H, Click each track name to play MP3. If you like it, go and buy the album you Cheapskates, it's only a fiver! (well £7 from Paypal... But it's worth every penny).

I.C.H 5 Track Demo (2002) 5 track demo cover

Produced by Joe Murphy

I.C.H 4 Track Demo (2005) 4 track demo cover

Produced by Rob

LIVE LOUD AND OUT OF TUNE (6th December 2008)

I.C.H Live in Leamington Spa at the Jam Jam Club

Thanks to the Positive Junk

Warts 'N' All (7th February 2009)

I.C.H Live @ the Grosvenor in Stockwell

Thanks to Rotten Luck

Gubbins and Filth (2nd October 2009)

I.C.H Live recorded at the old Bell Hotel in Derby
(Missing the Oi Tune, but the rest of the set is there)

Thanks to the Nappy Rash Collective