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Ed ache on tour in april

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eds birthday gig

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christmas tour

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gubbins dvd

gubbins and filth dvd cover New Live DVD out now!

It's not often I.C.H get caught on a video camera (CCTV aside). It was a wonderous thing indeed that I.C.H had garnered such fan-dom as to have gloriouos lo-fi You Tube video tributes made by said fan-dom to further cement they're legacy in the anals of regional punk rock. Now you can see I.C.H live in all their unexpurgated non buffered full length glory.There are only 50, and can be found at I.C.H gigs. Only a fiver for almost one whole hour, and by gosh, they play a lot of songs. That's value!



I.C.H. - Arguably the finest punk band to come out of East Anglia! The last 5 years have seen this band become a local phenomenon and they’ve just secured a slot at the prestigious Rebellion punk festival in 2009. Their influences are too numerous to mention (but Crass and Rancid are definitely in there) and mere words can’t describe their live performances. ICH have been known to blow ageing punk bands off the stage and even incited stage diving at their unplugged gigs. With sharply observed lyrics and a barrage of guitars ICH’s punk anthems will have you punching the air and shouting along ‘til the cider runs out. (Lazy of me I know! Cheers Alec.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- O.K So… On the 19th of June (07) Little Jimmy Dread (Our drummer) set off to seek his fortune in Oz (that’s Australia rather than the land of!). If anyone happens to see him while he’s there please give him general abuse from me. As far as we are aware he will be coming back in a few months, allowing us to carry on where we left off. If not I WILL hunt him down and kill him like the dog that he is! The fucker never came back! As it turns out I didn't hunt him down and kill him after all. Promises promises 'eh? Instead we decided to replace him with an old friend. Little Lew Dread, as he shall hencefourth be known, is like a carbon copy of Little Jimmy and for the record I want it to be known that we have NOT cloned him from leftover DNA. Oh No! Lew is a completely different drummer altogether, but but rest assured that he's quite definitely the man for the Job. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to anyone who’s been asking about the album, It's out now and available through our Myspace, Billies bikes in Cambridge, All Ages Records in Camden and from the band at gigs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I.C.H. have been playing punk rock for between a couple and seven years; The line-up hasn't changed a lot, and they sound like a cross between Crass and Rancid. A four-piece based around Essex and Cambridgeshire, ICH play a mixture of hard guitar with complex funky bass and tight drums. They're songs range from shout along punk anthems to furious fast paced Hardcore. ICH have played a lot of gigs, including a spot on The Big Issue Foundation's benefit gig in Bournemouth and support slots with The Grit and the UK Subs. When they weren't doing these gigs, they recorded two demo CDs, one of which is self-produced and both are available through the website. Their current home from home is with Last Gang In Town promotions in Cambridge. It's wrong to say ICH are a political band, they've struck the balance between being very aware and witty (In the true sense of the word), but not preachy! Only one of ICH has a sensible haircut, but they're all the more punk because the don't look like they're going to a fancy dress party dressed as punks!! This blurb was written by someone not in the band, and I'm charging them extra because I used a semi-colon. Get a demo, or go see them live, suffice to say, you won't like it! (Credit to Alex, Cheers, ICH)____________________________________________________________